Imagine turning integrity into a profitable business

The demand for our product is endless and growing. We have actually found a way to harness integrity and turn it into profit. This has been a very difficult task to engineer - as integrity means different things to different people.

WhoZaGood® is an idea whose time has come... and there is no stopping it. Look at Edison, Marconi, Bell, and the Wright Brothers. There was no stopping them. If becoming part of an idea whose time has come interests you, we encourage you to read on and discover for yourself why WhoZaGood® is the opportunity of a lifetime.

We are looking for two types of professionals: extraordinary, proven, marketing-savvy professionals as entrepreneurs to join us as Managing Directors/Business Owners and experienced, well-respected, well-connected industry experts from every industry to serve as Advisory Board members. Both are committed to socially revolutionizing the way business is done in North America.

Millions of people each day ask their personal network — who’s a good doctor, lawyer, plumber or baby sitter? Our name says it all... WhoZaGood®. Yahoo does not describe what Yahoo does. Google does... and so does WhoZaGood®

Our name is self descriptive... WhoZaGood®. We are launching a unique business model based on integrity in customer/service provider relationships. There is nothing quite like us.

Our keynote beliefs are authenticity, fairness and transparency. We offer a unique online matching service that connects customers with quality service providers across a wide range of industries to find the best fit for both. Our rating is not a classical system like others, based on advertising revenue. The WhoZaGood® system removes bias from the listing order and eliminates the cash-for-credibility formula common to other sites. Through proprietary advanced technology, we offer the most objective rating system available today to find trustworthy service providers.

The desire for consistent and reliable service provider relationships has created an extraordinary opportunity to build a business with significant potential on a limited investment. As a WhoZaGood® Managing Director, you’ll benefit from a new, quickly expanding mega trend that is based on returning integrity to customer relations and business. As a WhoZaGood® Advisory Board member you will support the Managing Director and share in the successes without needing to invest monetarily.

There are two sides to every story

Every customer has had a bad experience with a service provider, and every service provider has had a bad experience with a customer. Unless we have well-established and trusted relationships, we dread having to take a chance on who is best for a no hassle experience. As a supplier, you never know which job is the one that will end up costing you more time and money than it’s worth. So what do we do about it? We've created a site where consumers and service providers find a good match for each other.

Consumers go online daily to search sites that claim to be unbiased, but aren’t. Or we ask friends: who’s a good dentist? Who’s a good insurance provider? Who’s a good plumber? WhoZaGood® knows, with the only online service provider search based on merit alone.

WhoZaGood® enables consumers to quickly search for and identify trustworthy businesses listed in the order of their customer ratings. The foundation of the WhoZaGood® website is a proprietary, integrity-based rating process that provides reliable customer ratings - with no chance for businesses to buy their way to the top. The driving force behind the development of WhoZaGood® was the desire to promote ethical commerce and provide a trustworthy vehicle to enable consumers to identify service providers that operate with integrity. Unlike other rating services, WhoZaGood® believes that truth lies in transparency.

One of the many major differences at WhoZaGood® is that we are free to both consumers and service providers. We do not sell advertising to service providers. Neither do we allow service providers to “purchase” their way to higher ratings or exposure. The only way for service providers to improve their ratings is to improve their customer satisfaction. This is the basis of the WhoZaGood® difference.

Don’t just take our word for it

What is the WhoZaGood® vision? Watch this video featuring Jack Canfield, America's Success Coach, author and co-founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series.

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