Frequently Asked Questions

Is WhoZaGood® in the right space at the right time?

We believe so. WhoZaGood® capitalizes on two current mega trends: social media and integrity. Social media continues to revolutionize business-consumer commerce and the need for greater integrity in establishing these relationships is at an all time high. Consumers and businesses depend on trusted sources of information and our proprietary system is designed to address this massive and timely opportunity. With WhoZaGood® integrity now has a voice!

What do you mean by "vertical"?

A vertical refers to an industry or business category (e.g. Plumbers, Chiropractors, CPAs, etc.)

What is the difference between a Managing Director and a Champion of Integrity?

A Managing Director will have exclusive ownership rights over their specified business category on WhoZaGood®. The primary responsibility of each Director is to develop and execute a plan to penetrate the target industry / business category (vertical) with the WhoZaGood® integrity message. The goal is to register businesses as service providers on, and have these businesses obtain customer ratings certifying their integrity and performance as an ethical business. The Managing Director is also responsible for assembling an Advisory Board consisting of members who have extensive experience and knowledge in their specific industry (e.g. WhoZaGood® Doctor). This board will collaborate on best practices to reach all goals and be “Champions and Ambassadors of Integrity” representing WhoZaGood® in your communities and industry associations.

Who is qualified to become a Managing Director?

The ideal person is an entrepreneurial marketing-savvy specialist who is well known for his/her success, team building and marketing skills. The ideal candidate will have the time, education, energy and resources to invest in securing a registered WhoZaGood® industry category and be passionate about an opportunity involving social media and promoting the highest professional and ethical standards. Initially, this can be done on a part-time basis.

Who is qualified to become a Advisory Board member?

The successful WhoZaGood® Advisory Board applicant will have already demonstrated considerable marketing and business insight to compliment the Managing Director without requiring an initial investment. While the Managing Director may not necessarily be an experienced, well respected and well connected service provider in the given industry, the Advisory Board members must be.

How much capital is required to become a Managing Director?

It depends on the industry/vertical size; however the range is from $102,500 to $310,500 USD to secure operations for a territory of all U.S. and Canada. This will be discussed further once the industry is identified. This is a very unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor and ride the returning wave of integrity to business with a business model that will survive any economic climate. Revenues are collected automatically and there are no ongoing fees or royalties.

How is WhoZaGood® different from other franchise opportunities?

WhoZaGood® is a first of its kind license opportunity in a franchise business model and is creatively structured. It is an entrepreneurial model with the upside potential associated with a ground floor opportunity. Typical franchise structures generally require a long operating history in order to develop the “system” or series of controls that franchisees must follow to ensure a uniform method of operation across all franchised locations. They usually require a full-time commitment, and are defined in a limited area with predictable, but inherently capped earning potentials. With the WhoZaGood® Managing Director opportunity, while there are some mitigated risks involved, there are no bricks and mortar or inventory required and your territory covers all of U.S. and Canada. You can choose how to conduct business and there is no need for high overhead with a big office or store front. Although we provide you with technology, tools, recommendations and other guidance to help you succeed, we look to you to bring your personal industry experience, expertise, and knowledge to help develop your category without being micro-managed; all while being financially rewarded and encouraging ethical change in your profession.

Why did WhoZaGood® choose a franchise model?

Following the advice of top attorneys, we found that franchise law requires the highest level of disclosure and remains most consistent from state to state. This is in alignment with our goal of furthering trust and transparency in commerce and is mutually beneficial to both WhoZaGood® and you. In reality, a franchise is a license, just a particular type of license. Franchise law regulates our relationship and protects the potential business owner of a WhoZaGood® Managing Director Opportunity more rigorously than any other structure.

Where is this available?

This franchise is not currently being offered or directed to (and a franchise will not be sold to) residents of California, Hawaii, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin. Although the offer is not being directed into California, Indiana, Rhode Island or Washington, we may offer and sell the franchise in these states in limited situations where an exemption from registration applies.

In order to register the franchise offering in these states, we must file our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which then becomes a public document. Because our FDD includes extremely confidential information, we are not willing to disclose this document through a public registration in these excluded states at this time; consequently, we are not offering this opportunity in these states.

If you are a resident of one of these states, please use the Request Info link to contact us about these restrictions and exemptions.

Gather more facts

If you are passionate about your profession/industry and raising the standards in this industry, then discover for yourself why WhoZaGood® might be the right business opportunity for you and view several short explanatory clips on the Our Videos page or get additional answers to questions by using our Request Info page.