The Managing Director/Business Owner Opportunity

At WhoZaGood® we are about the best ratings money can't buy

As a WhoZaGood® Managing Director, you offer the public a reliable integrity-based system for connecting people and businesses that have the same values. It’s a giant leap forward from the current "buy your way up the list" sites based on an advertising business model. WhoZaGood® promises consumers searching online for service providers the thing they want most: integrity through transparency. They can be matched with a service provider who has earned a rating purely on merit and by doing one good job after another. There is no business that can advertise on WhoZaGood® and therefore no way to fast-track themselves to a better ranking. Consumer ratings are supported by a proprietary scientific technology that are constantly evolving and leverage rating trends to build enduring relationships that grow stronger as word spreads. Our system uses a combination of consumer ratings and statistical analysis to provide a quantitative, objective business rating site different from all others.

So how do WhoZaGood® and you make money?

We are committed to being the central, due diligence agency for the clearest business ratings in North America. We do not allow advertising, and we do not require a business membership fee in order to be listed... but we do provide qualified leads to businesses. We offer a unique “Connect” option to the consumer to simplify connecting to their selected business, and we charge a lead fee to the businesses that opt-in to this program. These lead fees are designed to be affordable and attractive to all service providers within the industry. Companies of any size, both large and small will have options to be included in our community. In addition, as part of our movement towards integrity, we are committed to helping motivated companies improve and grow. We have defined several patent pending services to assist these businesses as well as generate additional revenues.

With over 13.5 billion local searches every month, the market is large and growing rapidly. We will show you a business model that will transform and energize the purchasing experience for millions of consumers and businesses alike and at the same time, set a new standard for ethics and trust in industry.

As a WhoZaGood® Managing Director, or ‘Best Practice Leader’, you will assemble and be chairman of a compensated Board of Advisors to be ‘Champions of Integrity’ in your industry and well represented across your profession as a whole as described in the Advisory Board Member Opportunity. All board members begin generating their percentages of revenues directly as they are collected. Additionally In the initial phases, we offer an accelerated payback schedule for the Managing Directors to help them recover their investments at a faster pace. Afterward you continue to receive a substantial and ongoing percentage of all revenues generated in your industry.

The WhoZaGood® business ownership is an exclusive, protected opportunity

As a WhoZaGood® Managing Director, you'll secure the WhoZaGood® listings for the industry you choose. There will only be one partner awarded this title per industry for all of U.S and Canada. You will cultivate your own successful business section, protected by your exclusive license agreement, while encouraging new standards within your chosen industry/category.

This is what WhoZaGood® is all about.
Time found, money found, trust found, convenience found and integrity found

Your proven extensive sales and marketing acumen is complemented by your passion for enhancing the importance of integrity in business in North America. In order to strengthen your selected industry/category, you will have the opportunity to hand-pick your team of Champions of Integrity for your chosen industry/category so that you are not working alone. In some cases, WhoZaGood® may provide recommendations and assistance in recruiting some members of your board. Furthermore, revenues are collected automatically when customer/service provider relationships are established on the WhoZaGood® commercial website.

As a Managing Director, you’ll have everything you need to turn integrity into income, including:

  • Pre-training and a unique marketing plan template
  • Brand name recognition
  • The opportunity to collaborate with leaders from many other industries
  • The ability to promote integrity and transparency to the very best service providers in your selected industry
  • The ability to meet your consumers’ needs.

WhoZaGood® is a creatively structured entrepreneurial model with significant upside potential. The return of integrity is the next mega trend in business. We are the vehicle to do exactly that. Although we provide you with the scientific technological tools, recommendations and other guidance to help you succeed, we do not micro-manage how you operate your business and develop your industry. You also choose your own hours. It's real work for a real noble cause.

Why WhoZaGood® is the right opportunity for the right person

This is a unique business opportunity where the successful person, known for their integrity, can further their career by doing what they already know and are passionate about without abandoning their current industry efforts and achievements. WhoZaGood® helps the right marketing professional leverage their personal industry experience, expertise and knowledge in a business license opportunity where their investment can be highly rewarding financially while furthering integrity in their industry.

For the right person, the WhoZaGood® opportunity is:

  • A business model that will survive any economic climate and incorporates two mega trends: social media and integrity - without the need for inventory, bricks and mortar locations or store fronts, or the overhead of large offices with staffing and daily operational requirements
  • An entrepreneurial business license model, adhering to franchise law, that mitigates risks without compromising the financial opportunities associated with start-ups
  • An investment opportunity that includes an approach to help you recover your initial capital on an aggressive schedule and provides multiple streams of revenue capabilities with no ongoing fees or royalties paid with revenues that are collected automatically
  • A business opportunity that you can start part-time, where you can succeed according to your own schedule and incorporates both business and personal freedom to suit your desired lifestyle and schedule
  • A business opportunity that gives you the territory rights for all U.S. and Canada where you have your own business segment, protected by your exclusive agreement

Finally, our advanced psychometric self-assessment will help evaluate if WhoZaGood® is right for you.

If you are interested in being considered for a Managing Director/Business Owner position in your respective industry, please apply now.