The Advisory Board Member Opportunity

At WhoZaGood® we are the home of ethical commerce

We believe the best way to secure WhoZaGood® as the leader of integrity and the go-to place for businesses and consumers to connect is to incorporate the advice of those individuals in each industry who have already demonstrated integrity as the core way of doing business. As a member of a WhoZaGood® Board of Advisor’s team, you become a ‘Champion and Ambassador of Integrity’ for the industry of your focus. Your knowledge, expertise, and public profile will help you counsel our Managing Directors and Executive Team on how to customize WhoZaGood® practices to best promote integrity within your industry and encourage the support of the industry consumers, service providers, and associations alike. These relationships will advance the win-win environment that the WhoZaGood® platform provides and make it an attractive community for all to want to join for free and promote ethical commerce.

The WhoZaGood® corporate structure

We currently have defined nearly 200 categories of industries that WhoZaGood® will be active in. These include everything from baby sitters to chiropractors, dentists to plumbers, and everything in between. To assist our Executive Team we are recruiting a Managing Director to invest and perform as business owner and chairman of the board for each of the industries. In addition, each Managing Director will enlist the help of an Advisory Board to establish the WhoZaGood® vision in the industry. These roles are typically designed to initially require only a part-time type of commitment and include broad representation of the industry with attractive compensation for the successful best practice leaders and Advisory Board members.

Our WhoZaGood® Board of Advisors, consisting of the Chairman and 4-5 supporting Advisory Board members, will set the standards for industry reviews, represent WhoZaGood® in your communities as well as in industry associations, and complete these objectives:

  • Refine the rating questions for the industry
  • Define the service provider’s profile template
  • Promote the WZG brand in the industry of focus to recruit service providers to register on the site and complete their profile for free
  • Arbitrate industry specific issues or concerns with service providers

So how do WhoZaGood® and you make money?

We are committed to being the central intelligence due diligence agency for the clearest business ratings in North America. We do not allow advertising, and we do not require a business membership fee in order to be listed... but we do provide qualified leads to businesses. We offer a unique “Connect” option to the consumer to simplify connecting to their selected business, and we charge a lead fee to the businesses that opt-in to this program. These lead fees are designed to be affordable and attractive to all service providers within the industry. Companies of any size, both large and small will have options to be included our community. In addition, as part of our movement towards integrity, we are committed to helping motivated companies improve and grow. We have several patent pending services to assist these businesses as well as generate additional revenues.

With over 13.5 billion local searches every month, the market is large and growing rapidly. We will show you our business model that will transform and energize the purchasing experience for millions of consumers and businesses alike and at the same time, set a new standard for ethics and trust in industry.

As a WhoZaGood® Advisory Board member you will earn a percentage of revenues collected in your industry of focus for all of U.S. and Canada. This compensation will continue as long as you remain on the board. Board member positions are designed to be longer-term and renewable in nature as long as performance goals are being met. While the board member percentage of revenues is much smaller than for the Managing Director’s Opportunity, the Advisory Board member is a supporting role to the Managing Director and must only commit a portion of their time, as this position does not require a capital investment. This is an extraordinary opportunity to use your training, background, and reputation to enhance the integrity of your industry or profession while being compensated for your efforts.

Gather the facts

To learn more about the WhoZaGood® opportunity, watch this video regarding market trends:

If you are interested in being considered for an Advisory Board position in your respective industry, please apply now.

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