Why WhoZaGood®?

Businesses and consumers come to WhoZaGood® for free... but let us show you how we creatively turn integrity into profit!
The online service rating industry is booming

Search is by far the primary method people use to find products, services and businesses they are interested in. 93% of all online experiences begin with search which equates to over 5 billion searches on Google every day. Furthermore, 40% of people search for local businesses once a day and 67% of people seek local information 3-4 times per week.

But are people finding what they want? Through in-depth market research we found that 83% of consumers are very interested in a comprehensive online service which provides ratings of local service providers such as veterinarians, doctors, dentists, and contractors (plumbers, electricians, etc.). At present, there is no single site that addresses all service providers. Some review sites focus on the construction trades, while others focus on restaurants. WhoZaGood® differentiates itself through its scope, providing information about the reliability and integrity of a wide variety of services that are relevant to people where they live.

The difference between them and us

On most directory sites, the results of a search — the order the businesses are presented — are affected by whether the business is a paid member or paid advertiser. That is why you can find lower rated providers ahead of higher rated providers. In addition, ratings are un-calibrated — what a 4-star rating means to one person could be very different from what it means to another. The searcher is forced to read through a lot of comments to make an informed choice. Given the way most ratings sites operate, it can be really difficult to find the best match.

To us, having integrity includes presenting the search results in the customer ranked order, without requiring a paid membership and without allowing advertising. We also replace the inferior 5-star or A-F rating systems with the Z-ScoreTM, which is a scientific 100 point rating system in six key categories: Price, Value, Service, Competence, Environment, and Ethics. With the Z-ScoreTM, users can also determine WhoZaBest4meTM.

Patent protected

WhoZaGood® has been awarded five patents covering our proprietary algorithms and rating system, along with our matching systems and pricing. We also have additional patents pending. So not only is our process unique and a game-changer, our intellectual property is protected.

NBC I-Team Investigation

Can you trust Yelp & Angie's List listings? Is the first business listed the best? Watch this video and let us show you what we mean.

You can also view other short explanatory clips on Our Videos page or get more information using our Request Info page.